Oedipus-Heineken – Our point of view for now.

Hi all,
You might have heard the news. Heineken took a minority share in Oedipus Brewing. As Oedipus is one of the venues who open their house for us to make Carnivale happening, we feel we owe you a few words. However, we are goaty (read: bloody) busy getting the fest on track, therefore, here is a copy/paste we sent out to the brewers pouring at Oedipus during the festivities. 
Love you all, hoofs and kisses, team goat.

Dear brewers,

You may have heard the news that Oedipus brewery today announced that Heineken took an minority share in their brewery.

We think we owe you some clarification.

Carnivale Brettanomyces is a project ran by less than a handful of people, aiming to spread the word around deviant fermentation. The festival started naively with two locations and somehow ended up in the wildly fermenting beast it is now. We have no, and do not aim, a financial interest, and run on booze, enthusiasm and naivety. With the project growing we’ve been happy finding venues, some with, some without a business model which we could and can use to make Carnivale what is is. We like to mention Oedipus was always more than just that. They have always been an enthusiast, knowledgeable bunch, helping us out with cold storage for home brewers, driving through us Belgium, providing DJ- tables, tasting glasses, chairs, smiling faces, mash tuns a whole lot of energy and long drinking sessions philosophizing about how getting the best out of the weird beast Carnivale is.

The gents at Oedipus are our friends, drinking at the Wildeman cafe, where Elaine fulfills her daily joy, or hanging out at De Bierkoning bottle shop, where Jan learned about beer for 15 years long before they even started home brewing. Ravi even worked here, with a lot of pleasure, and many brewing learning moments. We had numerous of those typical the sun is rising moments but we still have two bottles to go through moments and today has been a emotional day for all of us. We are, no doubt but simply said, happy for them to grow in their own adventure, and are seriously saddened with all the downsides that come with that. It has not found a place yet, and it will take a while before it will.

For the brewers (this is indeed a bulk-email) who know us, we are pretty sure you know us as a disorganized, grassroots, even anarchist bunch, but also we have to deal with the world around us. In this case: Our friends at Oedipus made the decision they made, and we will have to deal with that.

Carnivale is NOT organized by the Oedipus brewery, we where and are happy they are providing one of the venues we need to successfully run the fest. for a next edition we will reconsider, for now, with the festival being less then three weeks away, we would like not to do so. We pride ourselves, other than many ‘craft’ festivals, to not have a profit based model and realize it is for many what they expect from us. However, it does not mean that we live in a world free of satanic multi-nationalism or carnality. We suffer, you might suffer, and if you wonder, we are not one of those Dutch Calvinists. Isn’t beer for most of it a material pleasure as well?

It might be good, to give some perspective, that we asked Olivier Van Beemen, author of ‘ Heineken in Africa, about the wrongdoings of Heineken in this continent, to give a seminar this year, long before we heard about this recent developments. More then ever we recommend to visit his talk during the festival.

Either way. We are confused, yet still are aiming to use the Oedipus venue. Because they freely provide it, because they have no ‘hard’ interest in doing so, because we talked with them today extensively, because they have always supported us in many respects, both practical and philosophy, and because we have less then three weeks to go, and plenty of work is still waiting to make the fest a success once again.

We do understand we at least owe you this statement, we do realize it might not be enough to pull you over the line, though we did not yet have heard questions from any of you.

We also hope you will understand our point of view and will help us getting trough this minor moments and, well, for now, proceed with the planning as it is. Please get back to us with your questions and ideas, we’d love to have you involved, rather than being passively pushed in a situation you might not want to be found in.

NB: We do not want to do the yearly ‘mega collaboration brew’ at theirs, and are searching for an alternative.