14:30 - 15:30 - Sunday Roast with Beef Chief @ Oedipus Brewery

Wild Portland Beer Brunch // The Commons x Upright Brewing x Oedipus Brewing x The Beef Chief

We love pairing food with beer and sometimes we get really wild with these two lovely things. The Noord Beer Dinners have been very tasty and successful examples of this. This month we have a unique edition; as a part of the Carnivale Brettanomyces #5 festival we present a Beer Dinner in our brewery with two very special guests from Portland, Oregon.

Upright Brewing and The Commons are two very fresh breweries that are both inspired by the farmhouse and wild beer styles from Belgium. They found a very unique take on these styles and are known for some of the best beers out there. Therefore we are very happy that they will join us for this one-off brunch.

Both brewers are with us that day to present their beers with each course. They bring limited edition (barrel aged) brews from keg and bottle that are not available in Europe, so expect some things you have never tasted.

The Beef Chief is cooking us a multi course brunch inspired by sour flavors and fermentation, all in style of the Wild Beer Festival. But it’s The Beef Chief so also expect the BBQ to be on fire.

With music by DJ Super Geuze

☞ Four courses carefully paired with 6 beers by The Commons, Upright and Oedipus, for 50€.
☞ We’ll be open from 13:00. Come early and have a beer with us!
☞ Brunch starts at 14:00.
☞ After the brunch the bar is open till 11pm

The last editions sold out very quickly, so don’t hesitate and send an e-mail with the subject “Reservation Wild Portland” to tasting@oedipus.com, if you want to join.