19:00 - 23:00 - Opening & Forum @ Oedipus Brewery

Lower the pH, increase your knowledge and get ready for this years Carnivale Brettanomyces!

To open the festivities in style, we found (THE) three mastodons in wild and sour beer to open the festivities with a forum, discussing, debating wild fermentation in all his facets. Also there will be plenty and rare beers by them.

Brasserie Cantillon
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
Brasserie de la Senne
Shelton Brothers Importers

Prepare yourself for:
* Chad Yakobson, founder and brewmaster of Crooked Stave Artisan Project and author of The Brettanomyces Project. We refer to him as Mister Brett. Both his beers and his writings have opened so many door for a new generation of brewing, where Brettanomyces is embraced, where wild fermentation is a challenge, not an enemy.
* Yvan De Baets, founder of Brouwerij De La Senne with a passionate opinion on the Belgian brewing landscape, both now and in the past.
* Jean Van Roy owner and brewmaster at Cantillon, does that need more introduction?

We welcome all of you to this unique dialoque, moderated and made possible by Daniel shelton from Shelton Brothers Importers, discussing modern insights versus traditional brewing from father to son. The new world versus the historical weight the Belgians carry with them. The use of barrels, the history of blending, beer versus salad dressing, there is a lot to discuss.

While listening you can get beer from all three breweries, we also encourage you to take part in the discussion.

Entrance to the symposium is €5,-
Start: 20:00
The Oedipus bar is open from 17:00
Food by The Beef Chief

We are getiing wild!