Beer Dinners

For all foodies and brett lovin’ creatures around. After last year’s enthusiastic reception we’ll be hosting a number of 5 course food pairing dinners again, carefully but ardently constructed by Wilde Chutney, BrewTaste and the remarkable Huib. Fermentation all over the kitchen!
Reservations can be made here.



The Goatee Dinner: Friday 19:30-22-30 at Hotel De Goudfazant
5 Courses based on the goat and its meat. Who else to collaborate with but the Texans from Jester King Brewery?


The Goatee Classic Dinner: Saturday 19:30-22:30 at Hotel de Goudfazant
No pengiun suits needed. Your good taste speaks for itself. The English brewers for Siren Craft Brew are coming over guiding you trough a classy world of great food and no wine.


What the goat eats: Sunday 19:30-22:30 at Hotel de Goudfazant
5 Courses vegan goodness. what makes the goat bleat? Crooked Stave and Wild Beer Co. teamed up and will be battling for the best pairings.