Carnivale Brettanomyces is a yearly beer festival dedicated to Brettanomyces and other less common yeast and bacteria. Our goal is to both educate the audience about the great and different spectrum of beers brewed with these outsiders as well to simply celebrate this broad and often overseen diverse beer range.

Brettanomyces is a type of yeast giving very outspoken aromas and flavor. Earthy, floral, spicy are the most common used descriptions. Different than the regular Sacccaromyces it is able to eat about every single sugar, resulting over time in very dry beers. Depending on the use, “Brett beers” can be sour.

A few typical bacteria, usually not far away when talking Brett are Lactobacillus, pediococcus and Acetobacter. The first producing lactic acid, as seen in your yogurt, the second doing something similar  under different circumstances, with a more tart result. Acetobacter is the least known of the three, it is a key-component in vinegar and can easily ruin your beer. However, they are must in Flemish red ales.

Too much blabla? No worries! This is a beer festival, beer is made to be drunk and enjoyed, or sampled if you please.  But besides that, this festival strives being a platform for education around our favorite bugs.  Make sure to check the extensive list of lectures we’ve put together, some for dummies, others on a biol-chemist level, but most of them somewhere in the middle, covering brewing techniques, tasting, history and much more.

Besides that we have several food parings during this weekend. Comprehensive dinners, and smaller scale tastings.

The festival takes place at several locations, all in the center of Amsterdam. It is usually less than 5 minutes walking between them. Check the map when planning your day!

Hoping you’re as excited as we are,



This festival is brought to you by De Bierkoning and In de Wildeman, with the help of all participating places and so many helping hands.