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Carnivale Brettanomyces is a yearly beer festival for the uncommon beers. Where innovation constantly changes the way we brew our beer, we often forget what we leave behind.
Pasteur and others where extremely important getting beer where it is at this point, and at the same time have been a nightmare for the diversity of that same beer culture.
As a festival we try to create a platform for those brewers and beer lovers who sometimes take a few steps back, reconsider outdated techniques and methods and possibly combine them with 21st century knowledge, creating a broader spectrum of taste to enjoy for us all, rejecting the status quo.

This festival has no main festival area, instead we use bars, bottle shops, restaurants and breweries around town, giving one the opportunity to wonder around from lecture to tasting, from workshop to beer dinner.
Because yes, we provide an awful lot of beer to drink, but possibly more important are the lectures around the science, history and culture of beer, the workshops on brewing techniques and the high standard food pairings.

Keep an eye on this website and social media to find out about the latest updates on this celebration of funk.


Get in contact with us at jan~at~wildegist~.~com